The Pallars Sobirà is a mountainous area with a marvellous natural environment but is also demanding. The vast horizon that you can discover from the imposing mountain peaks of 3.000 m hide a labyrinth of deep valleys and cliffs that shelter tiny villages of traditional pyrenean architecture.

Broadly, the geography of the Pallars Sobirà starts at the junction of three large rivers which descend from the pre-pyranean mountains. The river water originates in the winter snow and gently flows from the alpine lakes travelling through every corner of the area filling it with life.

Covering a good part of the land of the area, like a second skin, the forests give colour to the Pallars Sobirà with its changes, at the rhythm of the changes of the seasons. The natural richness of the landscape is the mainstay of these large mountain lands.

Associació de Cases de Turisme Rural del Pallars Sobirà