When you visit the Pallars Sobirà you will discover the innumerable leisure possibilities that nature has to offer.

For the curious visitor, there is nothing better than to discover the area by trekking, on horseback or by bicycle.

For the more adventurous and active, river activities like canoeing and rafting are on offer and what’s more you can experience the mountains like a true alpine, climbing and cliff walking.

For tranquility there is fishing and mushroom collecting.

For the observers of nature there are short rambles, landscape painting or nature photography.

Winters at Pallars Sobirà are also full of life: it’s time to ski, everything alpine like cross-country skiing, snowballing or dog-sled rides.

To sum up, the Pallars Sobirà is the land of natural activities and open air.

Activitats Pallars Sobirà